AttainAbility Mindset: If we train it – We can attain it

We train to develop optimized movement patterns for any body to increase awareness and performance of that body.
We utilize a multi-faceted approach with specific training methodology for individuals in personalized small-group classes.
We choose to change our limits – not limit our changes

Our Classes

We can help you to improve your fitness, athletic ability, and prevent injuries by teaching you to how move better. Our classes include strength training, metabolic conditioning, mobility and flexibility, speed, agility, and endurance training using functional movements to help you build fitness. All classes are led by an Optimum Performance Movement trainer and are modifiable for all abilities to achieve individualized results.

Adult Performance Schedule
Mon - Fri: 05:30am and 06:45am Sat: 09:00am

Other classes by appointment

Adult Performance

Small group classes for adults with a focus on improving your all-around fitness.

Personal Performance

We provide individualized programming developed for each client to help you learn how to move correctly, prevent injury, work around previously existing injuries, set and train for specific goals, and help keep you accountable.

Bodywork Therapy

Bodywork therapy is useful for those experiencing acute or chronic muscular aches to reduce muscle spasms, muscle soreness, and improve blood flow to tired muscles.

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Our Location

We share a space with 43 Hoops in Hopkins

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Call or Text: 612-251-5248


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